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Learn how to convert more customer interactions into sales, increase the amount of each sale, and get customers to return.

You have contact with your customers every day, on the web, by phone, by mail. But are you making the most of every one of those contacts?

You need customer relationship management tools that help you:

  1. Hang on to the customers you have.
  2. Add new customers.
  3. Target the right offer to the right customer, at the right time.
  4. Combine marketing, sales, and service to create a 360º view of your customers.

Thousands of companies in financial services, travel and leisure, hospitality, communications, retail, and manufacturing have seen a:

  1. 50% increase in sales per hour.
  2. 48% increase in products per household.
  3. 400% lift in average response rates.

You can get the same results by implementing CRM. STS provides industry standard top class CRM solutions:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  2. Siebel CRM

CRM helps you with:

Marketing—Identify and deliver high-impact offers at the moment of customer interaction. Sales—Arm your sales force with the right tools to close the deal. Service—Turn your contact center into a profit center.