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  1. Government agencies are challenged to deliver services that are citizen focused, mission critical and result-oriented. E-government initiatives coupled with competitive sourcing with reusable programs enable new requirements to maximize accountability & performance. These are few initiatives that have been adopted as mandates.
  2. Effective use of information technology, improves the quality, responsiveness and efficiency of overall government operations. Significant efforts are underway to achieve streamlined, increased ROI and accountability in government IT programs to serve its citizens competently.
  3. State and local governments are faced with ever changing environment. They are increasingly being faced with challenges in reforming operational workflows, collaborating, knowledge and information sharing across government organizations and increasing expectations from citizens.
  4. STS Government Solutions are designed and managed to reduce costs, improve business processes, accelerate response time and improve services to end users. This enables us to give our clientele in public and private sectors a competitive edge, now and into the future.
  5. STS is at the forefront of Consulting Services, development, implementing and assisting Governments and its large Government contractors.
  6. Our Government Solutions team works seamlessly to integrate and Deliver Business Objectives to Clients across the globe. STS thrives in building strategic alliance partnerships that complement our strengths and contribute to our commitment. The Objective of STS is to “Deliver Business Value” to transform the way government provides services to its citizens.