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You’re a hospitality provider, you know how hard it is to give your customers a personalized guest experience and boost your profits at the same time.

What if you could know the value of every guest? And as a result, you could create customers for life? By using Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP), we can provide you end-to-end back-office management solutions such as finance, business planning and reporting, and HR. By using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, we can integrate your front-office, enterprise document management, management dash-board, corporate e-mail system. By using Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can fully make use of the existing IT investment. Your property can have paperless environment

Some of the key features you can achieve:

  1. Manage room inventory and revenue so your organization makes more money.
  2. Share information throughout your properties so everyone’s on the same page.
  3. Create centralized guest profiles so it’s easy for your employees to make reservations and deliver personalized service.
  4. Find out who your most profitable guests are, and the best way to serve them.
  5. Automate back-office processes like finance, business planning and reporting, and HR, so it’s easier for you to create reports and analyze data.
  6. Reduced the time that it takes to consolidate budget data from 96 hours to 9 hours."
  7. Make on line approval by using Work Flows