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Oil and Gas

From trade to development to transportation, the world relies on the oil and gas industry to energize our most critical functions. However, the industry’s success has brought with it a new set of challenges.

To bring fossil fuels from the depths of the earth to the surface of the consumer’s world, on-time and on-budget, it is imperative that industry-leading practices be implemented along each stage of the process. Exploration, production, refining and transportation, all present opportunities for improvement.

The challenges the Oil and Gas industry potentially face are to:

  1. Maintain portfolio of assets by finding and developing new petroleum reserves.
  2. Ensure 24/7 production cycles and maximize quantities produced.
  3. Comply with safety and environmental protection.
  4. Long-term forecasting to operational planning
  5. Manage immediate and short term operations and scheduling.
  6. Update inventory, monitor product movements.
  7. Manage inbound and outbound invoicing.
  8. Forecast demand, plan and schedule production.
  9. Design, execute, coordinate, and monitor all marketing initiatives.
  10. Monitor goods movements and compare stock levels in terminal tank farms.
  11. Plan and execute bulk and packaged-products shipments.
  12. Reduce downtime and unscheduled outages.
  13. Extend asset life cycles, achieve faster repair cycles, and raise equipment availability.
  14. Effective planning, monitoring, and documentation.
  15. Evaluate business performance and analyze operations, the workforce, and financials.
  16. Automate employee life-cycle management.
  17. Managing real estate, environment, health, and safety, incentives and commissions, corporate travel.
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